Henty's Heroes

Henty's stories typically revolve around a fictional boy hero during fascinating and troubling periods of history. These range from ancient Egypt and the Punic Wars of Carthage and Rome, all the way through to his present day with the Dash to Khartoum and With the Allies to Peking. Henty's Heroes fight wars, conquer evil empires, sail the seas, discover land, prospect for gold, and many other exciting adventures. The meet famous personages like Sir William Wallace, Alfred the Great, Napoleon, Hannibal, Moses, Robert E. Lee, Sir Francis Drake, and many others. His heroes are diligent, courageous, intelligent, honest, resourceful and dedicated to their country and cause in the face, at times, of great peril, while also modest. His histories, particularly battle accounts, have been recognized by historian scholars for their accuracy. Many readers have gained a love of the study of history through reading of Henty's Heroes. Understanding the culture of the time period becomes second nature while also comparing and contrasting the society of various European and pagan cultures.